Ett personligare ledarskap

Följande tal höll jag under World Public Relations Forum i somras. Hela konferensen var på engelska, så också detta tal. Inte helt enkelt att översätta titeln Ett personligare ledarskap, det fick helt enkelt bli How to create a more Personal Leadership Quality./Andrea

— Today I am training people in expanding their personal leadership quality, including the skills of creating magic in each and every meeting. I am lucky to meet political leaders as well as business leaders in my work. I love my work, but I do not like leaders talking mumbojumbo, or not knowing where to go and why. Where the world is heading today, dealing with economic, social and ecological sustainability, we need more of a personal leadership quality. I want to se leaders with the strength and ability to include every client, every employee and every other person. Leaders with a caretaking image, able to within its business include a broader perspective.— Read the whole speech here.

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